Come from a foreign country Automobile mechanic, gather!

☆Recruitment for foreigners☆
Recruitment qualification
①We would like to graduate from university as a final academic background.
We also have been majoring in cars in my home country or in Japan.
②Those who have lived in Japan for several years and who can communicate in Japanese.
③We are looking for someone who wishes to obtain a work visa or Japanese permanent residence (so-called green card) etc and who will be able to stay in Japan and get a job in the long term.
※If you are planning to acquire it now even if you do not have Japanese maintenance qualifications or car driving license etc. We will back up the procedure etc. in full in the case of obtaining with this place.
And we will back up various procedures that foreign residents are having troubled about living in and living in various lives.
First of all, application in Japanese is invited by telephone. (Please understand due to minimum working conditions)
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